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Our Durham plumbers provide fast and emergency plumbing services.

Most folks will respond to a plumbing emergency by throwing old towels at the problem and seeing if they can patch up a mounting disaster.

Bizzy Bee Plumbing is a Local Durham Plumber that comprehends the difficulties faced when in need of emergency plumbing repair. Only a phone call away, our team are on standby ready to take your details, listen to your situation and duly schedule an appointment for one of our highly trained, certified plumbers to come to your assistance immediately.

Residential is the type of professional service that many customers are familiar with when talking about plumbers. Obviously, these services are usually rendered in a customer's home.

The plumbing system in individual homes can have various issues. Included in the many possible problems that can be encountered at smp customer with pipe wrench home include burst pipes, clogged toilets, loss of water pressure, problems hot water tank issues, and slow flowing or clogged drains among many others

Backflow Testing Durham

Backflow Testing is required every year by the City of Durham

Failure to have a Durham backflow tested can results in shutting the water off by the City.



Tankless Water Heater Durham

There are pros and cons to getting these newer water heating systems. Households can save a lot of energy using these systems simply because they don't have to keep water at a certain temperature as it sits in a tank.

Another benefit that comes with this newer system is being environment friendly. It uses fewer materials, transportation costs, and eventually leaves a smaller carbon footprint.


Don’t let a leaky pipe or a damaged main get you down. Why struggle through disasters like this when you can have the best plumbing contractor Durham supplies at your doorstep?

You’ll sleep easier knowing a trained technician has fixed your pipes, and what’s better, we offer 24-hour service for those in need of a quick fix. Our work is comprehensive, evaluative, and extremely efficient.

We can give you an estimate in minutes and have even the worst problems taken care of in under twelve hours. Our Durham plumbing company will give you your money’s worth and more, with speedy fixes and permanent solutions to your plumbing problems.

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